North Hill City Resort
  • Gioia Ristorante

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North Hill City Resort
  • The Vivace Lounge

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North Hill City Resort
  • The Rock Pool Bar

  • Restaurants & Bars

North Hill City Resort
  • Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar

  • Restaurants & Bars

North Hill City Resort
  • White Jungle Restaurant & Wine Bar

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Restaurants & Bars

Gioia Ristorante

Open Daily 11.00 to 23:00 hrs.

‘The hearty enjoyment’ is the key inspiration of ‘Gioia Ristorante. Our chefs invite you to experience an authentic fresh homemade Italian cuisine, served with the passion of rustic Italian culinary traditions. ‘Gioia’ offers the flavorsome dishes and an extensive selection of fine wines.

The Vivace Lounge

Open Daily 11.30 - Midnight

Our Vivace lounge offers the best cocktails in Chiang Mai with a classy taste together with the high-quality, locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Enjoy a Cappuccino or one of our Signature drinks while lounging in a beautiful leather armchair with relaxing tasteful music to accompany you.

The Rock Pool Bar

Open Daily 7.00 - 21.00

 The Rock Pool Bar offers an extensive selection of casual meals, from sandwiches, pasta and pizza to refreshing drinks such as juices, crushed ice and fruit lemonades and cocktails.

Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar

Open Daily 8:30 - 18:00

Tucked upstairs on the 2nd floor of North Hill Golf Club Chiang Mai is a hidden gem, "Black Biscuit Cafe & Bar". Enjoy freshly brewed coffee, signature Brioche and Éclair, light bites and yummy bowls.

White Jungle Restaurant & Wine Bar

Open Daily 11:00 - 22:30

White Jungle, White forest of deliciousness. That are ready to provide a mellow experience between designing a beautiful restaurant With delicious food that Mum Gino of Master Chef has brought together memories from many of her favorite dishes. It is a new dish that is still familiar and pleasing to both Thai and foreigners.